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    Quote Originally Posted by droid View Post
    Woops, yep bad timing on my regard. I did actually read some of this story yesterday but my tired brain not joining the dots. However, the quotes about Milne are from a guy I know and follow (Oz Katerji) and they made no attempt to contact him before running with the story. David Miller, who they did reach out to, is another pro-Assad, pro-Putinist - so jury still out on that story for me. He's (Oz) commented about it a bit on Twitter.

    Short thread here:

    What you have at most is an organisation receiving government funding which has RTed articles critical of Corbyn.

    The not-so-subtle accusation that the writers of these articles worked with this org to do so is not just wrong, it’s downright sinister

    Make of it what you will. I could argue it plays into conspiratorial, "the man is out to get us all" narratives.
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    We've had a massive media campaign against Corbyn, arguably the largest smear campaign in British political history - that much we know is true.

    We know the Saudis, the Israelis & the Americans hate him, and in one case at least we know that a foreign government has been funding attacks on him.

    The financial & corporate sector are resolutely opposed to him and his policies and are already betting on a run on the banks if he gets in.

    With such an incredible amount of political, media and financial opposition I would be shocked to discover that there wasn't an intelligence/security element to the anti-Corbyn campaign - its almost unthinkable in fact.

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