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Thread: Automation and the future of work.

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    50 possible apocalypses in a foot race
    ^darkest Prince tune ever
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    In this sense, think of us as moving from the citizen’s army to a roboticized, and finally robot, military -- to a military that is a foreign legion in the most basic sense. In other words, we are moving toward an ever greater outsourcing of war to things that cannot protest, cannot vote with their feet (or wings), and for whom there is no “home front” or even a home at all. In a sense, we are, as we have been since 1973, heading for a form of war without anyone, citizen or otherwise, in the picture -- except those on the ground, enemy and civilian alike, who will die as usual.

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    a stupid idea masquerading as a brilliant idea

    parking tickets was clever, cos that is a case where legal aid is not cost-effective,
    but asylum is another matter, people face detention, deportation or worse if their asylum or asylum support application is botched

    furthermore I tweeted the guy who made it and he blocked me


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