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Thread: Automation and the future of work.

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    i don't think they deserve to be on a shitlist, though. for example, i much prefer banking via ATM or online from home than having to somehow get to a bank between 9:00 am-3:30 pm, stand in line and then have to deal with a slow, grumpy bank teller. also, isn't it much better to be able to research and book a place to stay online in minutes as opposed to wasting time making an appointment at a travel agent and having them book the (always more expensive) room?

    yes, i agree it sucks that amazon kills small brick-and-mortar retail stores, but lots of tech firms have disrupted and improved industries that were historically overpriced, non-competitive and not customer friendly.
    Fuck no. Air BnB are a disaster. Apart from the usual lack of regulation, accountability etc, they are devastating housing markets in cities all over the world.

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    fair enough, i was thinking more of the consumer experience of getting a place to stay. that being said, "devastating" is a bit of an exaggeration: they have a negative effect but don't (yet) have anywhere near the critical mass to wreak mass havoc on global housing markets.
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