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Thread: UK EU Referendum Aftermath

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    If they get in via a November or spring election I imagine their first move would be to negotiate an extension of article 50. If that happens I think there would either be a second referendum or, more likely a deal that includes the custom union and a soft Brexit.

    The calculation at the moment is whether they can afford to alienate the UKIP & Leave contingent they picked up last time. Presumably the vast majority of hardcore remainers will stick with them despite the ambiguity, because there's no real alternative. Ideal scenario is for EU pressure to force a Tory split with the DUP and bring down the govt in October.
    I've always read the Lab leadership's opposition to Brexit as part of their hostility to neo-liberalism i.e. political rather than the about electoral triangulation. Maybe I'm wrong about this, I don't know - the Ian Dunt article I've linked above suggests as much, saying that the "cap on spending limits" argument is bollocks. Anyway, I thought electoral triangulation was mere Blairite Devilry, and it was about sticking to your principles?

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    Principles are important but not of much help if you cant get elected.

    Its a difficult line to walk and Labour arent doing with much grace, but the logic is sound, I think.

    The most apposite poll Ive seen recently was the one that said about 60% of the UK is sick of Brexit anymore and just wants it all over with.

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    Well the motion for Labour to support a second referendum has been carried:
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