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    Quote Originally Posted by sufi View Post
    i'm not sure either , but if it's serious then i worried that we might have a heated political discussion about brexit on dissensus, yikes
    i just don't know what to think about the brexit, but it honestly surprises me that people are proposing a 2nd vote.

    i just don't feel qualified to have a strong opinion on such a complicated matter, myself, didnt vote, and tbh i think this should be a technocratic matter not a democratic one. It shouldn't be down to campaigning and opinion. It's ridiculous to refute my points or for us to "debate" it as neither of us know the details. Certainly for emotional and tribal reasons i'd vote for inclusivity and Remain,

    but it's strange how little empathy and understanding there is on the Remain side for the other PoV
    The whole terms of the original referendum were insane - that a 4% victory under dubious circumstances/duplicitous campaigning could lead to such a drastic change in national direction. I don't know the worldwide comparisons, but surely for something like this at least a 60-40 win should be required to institute such drastic change.

    I agree about this not being a democratic matter, necessarily, given its complexity. Representative democracy inherently contains the idea of entrusting technical decisions to experts, the problem being that the people elected are often idiots and as far from experts as could be imagined. The system is broken (if indeed it was ever fit for purpose), and Brexit may just be an absurdly cliff-edge symptom.

    And I think that is something with which many Remainers/Stayers would agree. The protection of minority groups within a country can never be entrusted to popular vote, and this sound principle has been transgressed here.

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