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Thread: Back and to the Left: Winter in July Wed 19:00

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    Hello summer. Look, I don't want to sound like an ungrateful dick, but it's too little too late to be honest. And too wet. Way too wet. And no, it's not me, it's most definitely you. You capricious bellend of a season.
    And so I'm not going to serenade you with song, there will be no celebration of sunburn and sweat. I'm done. I've chucked my lot in with winter and I'm lurking in its comfortable shade. I don't have to wear sunglasses to protect my eyes, winter *is* sunglasses and I intend to hide behind them and go deep and dark.
    To help me, I've got a phenomenal guest mix from Idle Rich and Lizatron from Invisible City that perfectly captures the mood and will sit alongside the old, the new, the new-old and old-new.
    It's the Moon Faze of the Sun Gaze, and yes, there will be tracks from Multi Culti's latest series of the same name, as well as much much more…
    Join ussssssss...
    Wednesday, 20th July, 7.00-10.00pm on
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    I've not made that very clear have I? Basically, "Back and to the Left" is a radio show hosted by Barney/Jah Shabby and it runs for three hours once a month (I think) - tonight it will feature a guest mix from us. Listen here...

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