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Thread: vimothy and the alt right

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    Quote Originally Posted by vimothy View Post
    ďItís no secret that North America contains many distinct cultural/ethnic communities. This is not optimal, but with a competent king itís not a huge problem eitherĒ

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    An interesting remark made in a thread about alleged alt-righter Anthony Fantano on ILX:

    this stuff keeps making me turn over something I brought up on the Bill Hicks thread, which is how the alt-right/gamergate/whatever free speech steez is like a weaponized zombie political philosophy that's a reconstituted and repurposed leftover from the left's fights against the puritanical religious right in the 20th century. Except the internet basically rendered the religious right completely irrelevant and largely mute in the face of the overwhelming evidence that the general populace of America loves pornography, graphic violence, saying whatever-the-fuck, etc. That enemy is gone, rendered impotent in terms of culture wars - but the tactics and arguments and views developed to fight them (incl the "pushing the envelope"/"let's see how offensive we can be" styles of standup comedians, rappers/musicians, and various other cultural players) have hung around and been kept alive. But there is no Moral Majority or PMRC to fight against now. The only ones attempting to place limits (and these aren't even gov't-mandated limits, as in the past!) on what's acceptable cultural discourse are on the left, and so the fire gets turned on them. It's a weird ahistorical inversion

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    Quote Originally Posted by vimothy View Post
    What struck me about this piece is just how personally unpleasant all these men are. I mean yes, like duh, of course they are, but it's amazing to see how much bitchiness, spite, double-dealing and childish competitiveness there is going between colleagues, business partners and supposed friends and allies, never mind how they treat their ideological enemies.

    Yiannopoulos in particular is clearly not just a racist and misogynist but also a contemptible coward and an idiot, advancing his career by aligning himself with the likes of Mike Pence, the exact Christian analogue of the Muslim homophobic he constantly rails against. And I wonder what he (and Thiel, for that matter) make of "Daddy's" latest public engagement date:
    Trump to address anti-gay hate group
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