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Thread: Things the Right get right

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Tea View Post
    And while some countries have become developed by trading with rich, ex-imperial countries, other countries are apparently being kept undeveloped by exactly the same mechanism. It just seems like a theory so malleable that it can be applied post-hoc to explain pretty much anything.
    My last contribution to this thread is to ask in wonderment why you wouldn't read a book on the subject before broadcasting your ignorance so widely? Your outlook is so Euro/Western-centric it's painful. We can argue about the relative merits of capitalism and other systems all day, but when you're alleging that the underdevelopment of poorer nations is not happening in such a glib manner, then it really is not worth carrying on the conversation. Especially when you're actually incapable of listening to anyone, and constantly trot out misrepresentations of what has been said.

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    WRT “real Christianity” there are of course people doing this already. It would be incredibly ungenerous to mention pogroms or the crusades to the people working in your local food bank or organising a coffee morning I think.

    Let alone the swords into ploughshares people who have done time for trying to slow down the war machine.

    Or Catholic Worker who have done decent work with deprived people in south Hackney and elsewhere.

    And that’s just people I’ve met. We shouldn’t be parochial about it and musn’t forget the liberation theology movements in South America and elsewhere. But perhaps Tea would like to remind them of the Conquistadors...

    Perhaps that would be even more ungenerous than bringing Stalinism up with people who happen to be Marxists who put time into their union branches or protesting against austerity.
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    lol he's got you tea! Admit defeat gracefully and move on.

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    Alright, you got me!
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