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Thread: ELEKTRONIK - Sound tracks / Krautrock / Synth Pop

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    Default ELEKTRONIK - Sound tracks / Krautrock / Synth Pop

    I'm pleased to present my latest mix, Elektronik. A project to compile some of the most powerful synthesised music ever made - from the ultra minimal electronic soundscapes of John Carpenter through to new school electro artists such as Not Waving and Ekoplez, all with a common theme of old school synths. Expect throbbing bass, minimal electronics, arpeggio synths and as much dramatic tension as your mind can take.

    I've long been fascinated by film scores - music that is designed to elicit a strong emotional response, to underline the drama we see on screen. Music that is often epic in it's scope, intensely euphoric or often terrifying and disorienting. I often wonder how much impact the infamous Psycho shower scene would have minus Bernard Hermann's inspired strings-only score.

    It got me thinking - what would a mix orientated around classic soundtracks sound like? I also wanted to explore the nature of electronic music pre-dance music and even before sequencers became commonplace. In the end my curation coalesced around a particular sound and atmosphere - one that placed the synth at the forefront, showcased evocative emotional vistas of sound, whether the composition is modern or from the eighties. There are songs present here that were used recently for movie sound tracks, as well as records that have never been used on any film but felt right to my ears in the mix.

    1. Seiun (Manhunter) by Kitaro
    2. Conscious Subliminal by Not Waving
    3. Future Rain by Not Waving
    4. Leb Wohl by Neu!
    5. The Humanity (The Thing) by Ennio Morricone
    6. Four Ever Rainbow by Steve Hillage
    7. Neon Demon Theme by Cliff Martinez
    8. Ma-Ma’s Requiem (Dredd) by Paul Leonard-Morgan
    9. Trace Elements by Ekoplekz
    10. Ghosts by Japan
    11. Hyperborea by Tangerine Dream
    12. Mirror Image (Prince of Darkness) by John Carpenter
    13. Old Maid (It Follows) by Disasterpeace
    14. Ability to gain access by Not Waving
    15. Phaedra by Tangerine Dream
    16. Assault on precinct 13 by John Carpenter
    17. Hausmusik by Harmonia
    18. Angst by Klaus Schulz

    Full sleevenotes here: https://mutanttechnology.wordpress.c...-marc-dauncey/
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    i'lll give it a go. why not

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