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Thread: Corporate Values

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corpsey View Post

    I hope this trend for flat phones goes out of fashion and we start carrying around bricks like this again.
    Handy as a self-defence weapon in case your toing and froing between your domesti-pod, AlphaCorp Towers, the gym and All Bar One somehow takes you outside the secure cordon and into the wastelands of the feral underclass.
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    Reckon eventually corporations will become Google-ised, managing directors will be wearing casual clothes, have beards and tattoos and yuppy wear will become the clothes of choice for rebels?

    All the graphic designers in shoreditch (or plaistow or wherever is hip by then) will be dressed like this

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    These have been challenging times for Dissensus and for us in Miscellaneous during the last months. Dissensus, Miscellaneous, Thought, and Politics and other departments have been and still are going through a big transformation and re-organization. The new Dissensus Media MegaCorp has been established, we have conducted the efficiency program “Sundial” in DMMG to turn the company into profitability and have established a new organizational set up to better serve the needs of the market and our users. Thank you for your support and trust in these turbulent times!

    Last week we announced the appointment of the new Level 2 positions in DMMC. But what does this change mean for Dissensus and for you personally?

    First of all, it is important to note that we will not deviate from our strategy to transform the online forum business to become the global forum for the associated forum sub themes. We are convinced that the new organizational set up with a much stronger focus and being now part of one will accelerate this transformation and give access to new growth opportunities...

    I get newsletters like this all the time at work. they are now so regular I no longer know what any of them mean so i put them straight into a sub folder. which might be what they want me to do now i think about it. now i know even LESS about what is happening!
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