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Thread: Stranger Things: Welcome to the Upside Down

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    Default Stranger Things: Welcome to the Upside Down

    Stranger Things: Welcome to the Upside Down
    28 October at 19:00–2:00
    Resistance Gallery
    265 Poyser Street
    Bethnal Green
    E2 9RF London
    Been asked to dj at this rather fun looking event, expect loads of synths and horror music and horror music on synths.

    £5 Tickets (limited) >>>

    Oh my funking fuck! Get out the frickin room... Netflix and what? Engage your wildest 80s or 90s inspired teen phantasy at a Club Cool & KenMedia original event; Stranger Things: Welcome To The Upside Down

    Our team of experts - who have in previous years brought you the now infamous themed underground parties 'Rocky Horror Show Warehouse Party', 'Top Gun Warehouse Party', 'Lost Boys Halloween Rave', 'Holy Rave', 'The Peanut Factory Zebra Rave' & 'The Perverts And Princesses Halloween Ball', to name about half - bring to you, direct from a dark and dingy East End back alley and ex top-secret medical research sex bunker, a visual and aural sensory overload of all things slightly stranger. Throw out the hum-drum, forget the mediocre, enter Stranger Things: Welcome To The Upside Down. Expect 80s electro pop hits, VHS glitch and modern synthwave and disco classics.

    Strictly Fantasy Dress Code:
    As you feel inspired by the Stranger Things TV show, or your fave 80s iconographic movies (or from any dark horrifying distant childhood memory you still have intact). Lost Boys, Goonies, Back To The Future, Friday the 13th, Nightmare On Elm Street, Kung Fury, Turbo Kid, Mad Max, Dune, Legend, Bill & Ted, Labyrinth, Willow, Never Ending Story, Stand By Me, E.T, Krull, Time Bandits, Red Sonja, He-Man, Ghostbusters.

    "STRANGER visuals other THINGS going on"
    Live music & DJs
    Live performance & cabaret
    Welcome To The Upside Down
    Friday 28th October

    THE COOLNESS (live)
    Ken Media (live)
    TØNE (live)
    Idle Rich & Lizatron (DJ)
    Lewis G Burton (performance)
    Jade Buvez (performance)
    Alice Motta (performance)
    Cam Illa (performance)
    Sun Roc aka Gualtiero Fis (DJ)
    Eve Govinda Gilbey (DJ)

    £5 and £10 tickets >>>
    further info >>>


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    Really looking forward to this - having the chance (in fact basically being told) to play all those synth horror type soundtracks is not something I've done before but I've realised that a) I've got loads of this stuff and b) It's great fun.
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    Ypu should have rewritten that promo material though it's bought me out in a rash

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