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Thread: DOOM, or The Official 2016 US Election Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by vimothy View Post
    Maybe in that case, but it's not delusional to imagine that the Democrats are looking forward to a time when demographic changes have rendered the votes -- and therefore the interests -- of the white working class superfluous. (That thesis doesn't look quite so certain now, as discussed by Sean Trende here, in the aftermath of Trump's success, but it has been a popular idea for the last decade or more and is reflected in the contemporary preference for identity over class-based politics.) Given that the Democrats have abandoned those who were previously among their core constituents (for a new coalition, made up, as described by Lawrence Summers, of "the cosmopolitan ťlite and diversity"), it's hardly irrational for those same constituents to look elsewhere.
    Class always trumps identity politics. Immigrants reaching middle class usually vote conservative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by firefinga View Post
    Class always trumps identity politics. Immigrants reaching middle class usually vote conservative.
    Trump picked up 30% of the vote from Asian and Hispanic voters.
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    Martin Wolf in an epochal mood -- "The long and painful journey to world disorder":

    Economically, the postwar era can be divided into two periods: the Keynesian period of European and Japanese economic catch-up and the subsequent period of market-oriented globalisation....

    The first economic period ended in the great inflation of the 1970s. The second period ended with the western financial crisis of 2007-09. Between these two periods lay a time of economic turmoil and uncertainty, as is true again now. The main economic threat in the first period of transition was inflation. This time, it has been disinflation.

    Geopolitically, the postwar era can also be divided into two periods: the cold war, which ended with the Soviet Unionís fall in 1991, and the post-cold war era....

    The first geopolitical period of the postwar era ended in disappointment for the Soviets and euphoria in the west. Today, it is the west that confronts geopolitical and economic disappointment.

    The Middle East is in turmoil. Mass migration has become a threat to European stability. Mr Putinís Russia is on the march. Mr Xiís China is increasingly assertive. The west seems impotent.

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    Registered Voters Who Stayed Home Probably Cost Clinton The Election


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