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Thread: Ankara assassination photos

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    Default Ankara assassination photos

    interesting article putting the ankara assassination photos in an art historic context. i don't mean to glorify the action, terrorism or death, but they are captivating, uncanny images. because they were taken by the professional photographer on hand at the gallery opening, the images don't have the rushed, blurry look of shots captured by a panicked ordinary citizen on an iPhone. the images are clear and expertly framed, as if the scene was composed.

    (EDIT: is there any talk about the photographer working in partnership with the assassin? seems like he's either extremely brave to have stepped up, ignored the danger and taken these photos, or an accomplice.)

    alternatively, it also like a maurizio cattelan installation, if he lost his sense of humor.

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    i thought something similar when i saw them in the metro (as well as wondering if such photos were taken in the uk, whether we would also see them published like these have been).

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    Yeah, when I saw this one I thought it was a definite candidate for AccidentalRenaissance on Reddit.


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