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Thread: why is ambient so popular now

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    Newage definitely had a rediscovering / resurgence around the end of the 00s, the records became more sort after, people started digging up rare tapes etc, Indie bands started incorporating influences, pitchfork wrote articles etc. Ambient's resurgence has come along with that somewhat. It seeped into all the Lil B, Cloud Rap hip hop then that sound became more and more prevalent in hip hop. Then you have things like chillwave/vaporwave/seawave, artists like OPN, Dedekind Cut etc all which have elements of ambient music. Of course there's Burial and all the imitators, then later people like Logos, Mr Mitch, Visionist, Fatima Al Qadiri etc whose music has elements of newage or ambient woven in. There have also been quite a few reissues of tapes & lps, compilations, new labels, radio shows etc in the last 5/10 years, so it definitely has more of a presence. There's also the balearic scene which leans into ambient pretty heavily and that stuff's going pretty strong right now.

    I don't really know how well new straight up ambient sells as that's not really my thing, but the genre's influence seems to be everywhere these days.

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    I coined a new phrase to describe all that Ben Frost style power ambient bullshit.


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    To answer the initial question: I think it's the promise of integrity/authenticity, driven to the extreme in case of vaporwave (non-integrity as authentic) and noise (idem). It's music that lives on that paradox and so generates space to surprise.


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