At my workplace, at the university, I've been warned innumerable times not to have a discussion with a student—male or female, but it's the females that are often [served?] in this particular rule—with the door shut. And that's—that's not like, six months ago, that's not like three months ago. That's like, advice from the last fifteen years. But I don't listen to that, because I think "sorry, I'm not living that way". But, these things are tense. They're tense. And we won't talk about them intelligently and maturely.

Y'know, I've also been accused three times in my career of sexual impropriety. Baseless accusations. And the last one really tangled me up for a whole year. It's not entertaining. So there's plenty to be sorted out, but like I said already, we live in the delusion of a thirteen year old adolescent girl. And so, as long as we maintain that level of sophistication, we're not gonna have a real conversation about what rules should govern men and women in the workplace. So, you can't even open the damn discussion without being jumped on by uh, y'know, uh—a ray of like, rabid harpies.