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Thread: Killah Priest classics

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    The track from Ghost Dog. An early Wu associate classic, to be sure.

    Tasty Morricone sample.

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    KP in full psychopathic, dramaturgy mode on this early Sunz track. 30 Second Assassin, Hell Razah and Prodigal Sunn all on good form here too. Album, as a whole, was a bit disappointing, though, considering the talent on offer.

    KP verse about 1.30 in.

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    A beautiful lost b-side from the HM period.

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    Tracks you can't get on YouTube but are great include:

    Maccabean Revolt from the View from Masada LP

    KP's verse on the title track of GZA's Beneath the Surface LP

    Edit: found the former...

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    Another good one you can't get on YouTube but can here:

    KP in full dramaturgy, doom-laden Afrofuturist mode on second (and underrated, I think) Gravediggaz album

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    KP beef with former Black Hebrew comrades:

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