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Thread: Stormzy

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    Again, Grime isn't technically song-based music forms so its continued expectation to shoehorn itself into being good album music is tedious. Wiley is not a 'good' songwriter, his best songs are just umbrellas for bars he's spitting on radio a la Dancehall.

    Skepta's album sucks, Wiley's album sucks, because these are tunes and they are fucking shit at making tunes. Stormzy makes tunes and pretends they're grime which they're not, and that's fine.

    It's telling I have dozens of friends who like Stormzy in music crit world who believe grime is just noise. Which is true. Grime transcends musical expectations in its pure form. Stormzy just makes good music, sound music, right on, good for him, I'm glad.

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    This is true.not only is there no good grime albums there's barely any good grime songs. Grime is live vocals over instrumentals.

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    Big For Your Boots is a tune

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