Just saw that Cristiano Ronaldo was trending on FB's Twitter-esque chart, and clicked on it. Didn't realise you can read 'normal' people's opinions there. They go on at much greater length than on Twitter, which means you can really get an insight into their mad minds.


'This man knows what hes doing. Hiring a surrogate to have his own biological children. Having a 'girlfriend' in the meantime, Cristiano is a great inspiration for young men like myself who dont want/dont need the wife. A written contract which allows the man have 100% parental custody of his child, leaving the constant haggle out of his life. Thank you Cristiano, Im no millionaire soccer star like you, but Im certain this will be my decision to come. This allows the man full independence, not having to remian monogamous after marriage, Thus resulting to dating multiple beautiful women like Georgina Rodriguez throughout life. Ronaldo- you are my hero, because you have one of the greatest of lifes gifts, your child.'