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Thread: being Cyborg

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    Default being Cyborg silly article but doubtless it is a phenomenon that is impending. the machines are making us become more and more like them, rather than vice versa, is my current working hypothesis

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    Default The singularity/cyborgs/transhumans

    Is this really coming in the next 50 years, or it just hard sci-fi?

    "We are entering a new era. I call it "the Singularity." It's a merger between human intelligence and machine intelligence is going to create something bigger than itself. It's the cutting edge of evolution on our planet. One can make a strong case that it's actually the cutting edge of the evolution of intelligence in general, because there's no indication that it's occurred anywhere else. To me that is what human civilization is all about. It is part of our destiny and part of the destiny of evolution to continue to progress ever faster, and to grow the power of intelligence exponentially.To contemplate stopping that to think human beings are fine the way they are is a misplaced fond remembrance of what human beings used to be. What human beings are is a species that has undergone a cultural and technological evolution, and it's the nature of evolution that it accelerates, and that its powers grow exponentially, and that's what we're talking about. The next stage of this will be to amplify our own intellectual powers with the results of our technology."

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