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    Default Sectionfive Radio

    Monthly over on Dublin Digital Radio so will pop episodes here for anyone interested

    April's show here on the intergalactic beach vibes

    Station is great btw with lots of good talented folk involved

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    May's show here

    There were a few cracks at this set but in the end no story emerged or least nothing that could be held for a consistent hour. So instead the main common thread here is that almost every single record is one I love. Leading us in some snatched dialogue from a 1976 RTÉ documentary on the islands and their inhabitants around Ireland. This a woman from Sherkin and will form part of a wider project I am working on due later in the Summer… Over this Linkwood’s ‘Outside In’ off one of 2015’s best LPs. Then John Simpson and Norman King on Sherkin in a pub singing about… Sherkin.

    When possible I have played TR-One’s ‘Mystery Train’ in every set in its entirety for eight or nine years. Up there with the best hooks of Quincy Jones, Vandross, et al. One of the best records to come out of Carlow.

    Florian Meyer under his Don’t DJ alias. I am a sucker for wood sounds, bells xylophone and that innate playfulness of ancillary percussion. Combined with a growling low end, the execution and pacing here is excellent but most of all I am drawn to the picture painted. Dave Huismans was a central player in the conversation that took place between house, techno and dubstep almost ten years ago now which shaped so much of the music we listen to still. ‘Nocturnal Drummers’ from 2012 is pretty menacing in that 5am rush armageddon kind of way but also intricate, somewhere between the stiff angularism of Peverelist and Holden’s Border Community. Nyeri Hill can be found among the Kenyan highlights and lends its name to this next track from last year by a mysterious Maurice Puls. I suspect the African connection is tenuous. Certainly not evident on the record but a belter all the same still chugs along after I drop the bpm. The pacing of this section will need a bit of work going forward as the idea is built upon.

    Earons ‘Land of Hunger’ on Island Records. A quintessential garage track from that golden early to mid Eighties period. Real club music and a perfect bridge for our Italo excursion. Which begins with Telex News — Forever. What a vocal, what a video. Plustwo — Stop Fantasy from 1983. File under early Italo-303 along side Robotnick. Sounds great played out and here into She Male — I Wanna Discover You. Ah, such a tune. Like Valerie Dore ‎yet even more achingly earnest. Ah.

    How Long, a sublime Lipps Inc production. Play this tune every weekend going on four years. Never sick of it and don't think anyone else is. Always someone up to the booth looking for an ID. Into Daniele Patucchi — People Come In. Watch the decay on those chords. Ethereal. This. This is lazer guided shit. This is driving a big stupid 80s sports car through a tunnel shit. Wearing big stupid 80s sunglasses in the dark shit.

    Expansives ‎– Life With You*…. my favorite Italo record, usually. Great song ontop a track that swings from bliss to bonkers. What is not to love. Standard Clone fare from Nuclear Family. Owing much to Chicago and always a head turner in the mix. Closing us out then, Nicky Siano and Arthur Russell as on Sleeping Bag. Russell disowned this track being unhappy with the end result. You Cant Hold Me Down on the flip is build from the same raw material so comparing the two is some glimpse at least, for those of you an interest, into Russell’s mind.

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