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Thread: How to make friends with Crows

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    Default How to make friends with Crows
    Lots of good tales and tips in the comments

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    This is a great book on crows:
    On a Wednesday in the summer moths I timetrial in the countryside out on the Dengie and our starting point is next to a crow community and I psyche myself up they all start pouring home cawing away and making a great racket - it's fantastic. And I always think of John Clare's poem 'I Love to Hear the Evening Crows go by'
    I love to hear the evening crows go by,
    And see the starnels darken down the sky.
    The bleaching stack the bustiling sparrow leaves
    And plops with merry note beneath the eaves.
    The odd and lated pigeon bounce by
    As if a wary watching hawk was nigh,
    While far and fearing nothing, high and slow,
    The stranger birds to distant places go,
    While short of flight the evening robin comes
    To watch the maiden sweeping out the crumbs
    Nor fears the idle shout of passing boy
    But pecks about the door and sings for joy;
    Then in the hovel where the cows are fed
    FInds till the morning comes a pleasant bed.

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    Loved this article, thanks.

    The roosts are amazing, apocalyptic:

    I thought only bats did that kind of thing.
    Apparently in the UK you'd need to go to the Norfolk fens in winter to get the best opportunity to see this :/

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    The best thing you can do is put out peanuts consistently and don't look directly at the birds when you do so (at least initially). Be conspicuous about you being the one to drop the food, but do not throw the food toward the crows or look at them initially, but do make sure they are in the area. Then, go back inside.

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