I'm kind of intrigued by this pair, who seem to occupy a shadowy (esp. Fred) presence on the edge of pop culture. Neither has their own Wikipedia entry and online pics are hard to come by.

The first time I came across them would have been in the early '80s, when they wrote a cash-in book about Adam & The Ants. Haven't got it anymore, but remember a pic of them at the back, with Fred looking really sleazy, and some blurb stating they were working on a book about "an incestuous couple" (great fun asking my mum what that meant).

Most online content seems to focus on his two Kate Bush biogs, which I think someone here (STN? Eden?) whole-heartedly recommended as being enjoyably batshit, but I sadly haven't got round to reading either (I've never even found copies available) . There are some truly bizarre archived forum threads out there - one *supposedly* started by Steven Wells, speculating on him having a secret demon lovechild with Kate and similar nonsense - though, by all accounts, he did seriously stalk her to the extent of lobbing a brick through her brother's window and narrowly missing the bloke's baby.

From what I can gather - he goes to art school with Malcolm McLaren in the 1960s, ends up in Paris during the '68 riots, ends up marrying Judy and knocking out books on the Pistols, Malcolm Poynter, etc. Then gets involved in McLaren's 'Chicken' mag stunt (before getting cold feet/a jab of conscience and blowing the lid on it), writes a few more books and was apparently involved in some failed project to launch a film called 'Millions Like Us' featuring Throbbing Gristle and seemingly 99% of the '70s London music scene.

Anyway, not quite sure what the purpose of this thread is. From what little I know of them, they seem kind of mysterious and genuinely funny, albeit possibly enshrouded in myths and bullshit. Any further reading recommendations? Ever met them? Any thoughts?