IRL streaming, video game streaming etc. Any recommendations greatly appreciated

Personally I can't stop watching Ice Poseidon at the moment. He's an internet troll come to life and has a swiftly growing audience as a result.

1:40 Explaining why this will be short stream
2:20 Ice talking to strangers in a BMW
2:55 Drunk lesbians making out
4:45 "I'm not the weird one"
5:20 Not gay btw
6:25 Stream sniper drive by
7:40 Crazy women asking for money

10:55 KFC TriHard Clap
13:30 Richest man in LA to a kfc girl
15:40 KFC worker not impressed with 300k subs
16:03 Beard net?
19:20 Sketchy People monkaS

20:55 New Zealand tourists looking for weed
23:50 Ice twerking with the girl
24:15 Tourist roasting everyone

28:50 She likes his pink hair
30:20 Ice saying happy birthday to stranger
31:00 Ice kisses Cute girls hand
32:00 Knock off Boaty
36:00 Drunk fight / Ice gets kicked

40:55 Ice sums up the EU
45:00 The neighbour pulls a knife on Ice
48:33 Andy cucking Ice???

51:00 TFC Tennessee fried chicken
54:00 Ice tries to hire an assistant
54:50 The new assistant talks to a caller
1:02:47 Uber / ending stream