Got a phone upgrade the other day, they chucked in a 'free' VR headset. I wasn't that bothered about it but trying it out I've been pretty amazed by how good it is - and this isn't even a specialist VR like PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift.

Now I guess what you're all thinking is - 'he went straight for the porn'. And you'd be right. And it's a really WEIRD experience. Totally uncanny - the feeling when a face or (ahem) other body part gets right up to your face is impossible to describe except by saying that it's like when a REAL face/body part gets close to yours, except you know it's an illusion. (And of course you can't touch.) I felt like I was in a sci fi film - aroused but disturbed.

Other than that, the best thing I've found so far is the Netflix app which transports you into an idealised living room with a gigantic TV. Headphones in and you begin to see that cinemas might be doomed!

Anyway, I figure this is an interesting topic of conversation, because it's bound to have a big effect on people's lives once it becomes a mass-adopted technology.

It's already quite disturbing how isolated technology is making people and I can see this being an even more powerful tool for escapism. The 'Red dwarf' idea of 'Better than Life', a VR game that addicts people like heroin, seems pretty plausible now.

Perhaps it's not all dystopian, though: