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Just noticed while listening to an oldskool electro mix that the comments underneath add a touch of melancholy to listening cos it's all people reminiscing about when they were young and out dancing, doing drugs, etc. (This was covered by VICE, actually https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/8...th-in-humanity)

These are typical (if not brilliant) examples of that sort of comment:

'Alex William
11 months ago (edited)
Damn i miss the 80s. music brought everyone 2gether. pop locking, b-boy, break dancing, GRAFFITI.all from the 80s great times growing up in L.E.S. New york city Baruch houses... now it has no soul like the music of 2day,DAMN THAT SUCKS. put me in a time machine and take me back any day.. ✌'

'DJ Celo
2 years ago
These days tho!!! sitting on the stoop with these banging out of the boom box all 12 D batteries would last about 2 hours!! hahahahah best times of my life'
Interesting reading youtube comments cos forums are such a minority (and nerdy) pursuit these days and music critics don't write like this. Usually Youtube comments sections are an absolute cess pit so it's interesting to find that on this quite niche music videos you'll get a lot of heartwarming sharing of memories and enthusiasm.