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Thread: Youtube comments

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    Brad The Newt
    Brad The Newt
    2 years ago
    How can Wiley go from this to vegan

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    This one makes my tear ducts twinge, perhaps because the song itself does already, and so many of my friends love it that I can imagine being in a similar situation some dark day

    Also it reminds me that a great thing about YT comments is that they remind you that a song isn't just important to you, and for some reason that makes a song even more important. DUNNIT?

    11 months ago

    Just buried a dear friend after his long battle with a cruel disease. Instead of a moment of silence, he requested this song be played. Still not sure what the lyrics mean, but that's the magic of it all. Our gang - best buds since high school - just traded glances and grinned through the tears. I'll miss him so ...
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    Janet Craft
    Janet Craft
    7 months ago
    This music is the symphony of introduction for all dark ambient as well as modern symphony for the modern audience. I have collected Mr. Shulze music since he even played with Tangerine Dream. To me, it is a great introduction for movie scores as well as a moment in the Vienna Nights music. Thank you for introducing this score. It saved me. Yours, Janet Craft. Many Blessings🌙

    many blessings, dissensus.

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    Vespa 2012
    4 years ago
    What do you guys want? It was 1993. Geesh. Had you been there, you would know. This track absolutely destroyed clubs the first time it was played. People literally were hunched over after being pounded into submission. It was new. Get it?

    Ryan Smith
    4 years ago
    Are you sure you're talking about the music still?

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