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Thread: Dj Deadtrax - Gabber house an exploration into European hardcore rave by Marc Dauncey

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    Default Dj Deadtrax - Gabber house an exploration into European hardcore rave by Marc Dauncey

    An hour and forty minutes exploring the murky world of hardcore techno, gabber and a sprinkling of jungle and breakcore, ranging from 150 to well over 240 bpm, from 1992 right up to the present day.

    “The Mover is dark because it’s set in the phuture of mankind. I can’t possibly justify seeing a happy end to this stupid human drama. Darkness is not mystical, it’s your everyday reality”- Marc Acardipane
    Full blog post and commentary here:



    Difficult Child – Big Bang (Magnetic North)
    Neuro Violence – Shattered (Zero Tolerance)
    Directional Force (Dave Clarke) – Alphalink (Magnetic North)
    Heretik System – Ready or not (Hokus Pokus)
    Cyberchrist – Salvation (DJ Ungle Fever)
    Noface – Torment (Praxis)
    VCF – Journey through life (Magnetic North)
    Spiral Tribe – Going all the way (Network 23)
    Somatic Responses – Dark Matter (Shadowcast)
    Somatic Responses – Dark LSD (Shadowcast)
    Cannibal Corps – Cannibal Corps Theme (Hardstyle records)
    Nasenbluten – Cunt Face (Bloody Fist)
    Axis and Trank – The Scent Current Value remix (Guerrilla Records)
    Dj scud & Christoph Fringeli – Something Violent (Rephlex)
    Speedy Q – Trak 001 dbase (Contrarotative)
    Popof – Badaz (Kameezol Records)
    Hammer Damage – The Demons (Sensory Violation)
    KTR – Gabber Forever (Nawak Artcore)
    Auto Tropp – Otto Trop (Epiteth)
    Slaaam – Tamtamtam (Sonic Belligeranza)
    Kovert – Empty Vessels (Damage)
    Popof – La Chose (Kameezol Records)
    Coffeecore – Caffeine (Cunt records)
    Nasenbluten – Cocksucker (Bloody Fist)
    Noize Creator – World Wide (Brutal Chud)
    Nasenbluten – No more fuckin soul (Bloody Fist)
    Ingler – 2111 (Epiteth)
    Nasenbluten – Deathstar (Bloody Fist)
    Nasenbluten – Kill more people (Bloody Fist)
    Aaron Spectre – Mordor (Death$ucker)
    Dj Producer – The Signal Confirmed (Rebel Scum)
    Hellish and Dj Producer – Non standard procedure (Deathchant)
    Dj Producer – Tectonics (Rebel Scum)
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