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Thread: Near/Middle East dance musics (vintage + modern)

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    Default Near/Middle East dance musics (vintage + modern)

    edits of 70s Turkish disco/rock, edits of Ahmed Fakroun, Omar Khorshid, etc, Baris K, Mehmet Aslan, Bouzouki Joe, Disco Halal, Habibi Funk, Omar Souleyman, Acid Arab, A-Wa, etc. Local Turkish, Arab (Middle East, North Africa), Persian musics recontextualized into a Westernish dance (disco, house, acid, balearic, whatever) context, sometimes by DJs, sometimes via edit/remix, sometimes via local or foreign musicians hybridizing. not totally new - Factory licensing "N'Sel Fik" (whence "we are ie") in the 80s is only one example - but definitely blossoming in the age of everything gets reissued/is on YT, and unlike some of those rediscovered (by Westerners) scenes, still a going concern with relevant contemporary figures. tbc not only am I not an expert, I don't even have a sense of the big picture like I do with, say, West African music. I just hear bits and pieces I like. I'll start us off with a few with minimal commentary. if there are any folks still around who know what's up, please drop the knowledge. it is definitely something I'm interested in hearing more of. when it's on it's like everything you've ever wanted music to be.

    some/all of these may be known to experts or people who pay attention to certain areas of dance music. some of them I've known for awhile, some I only heard recently.

    this is one is pretty famous I think. Turkish Disco Folk. the whole Moog Edits LP is pretty good.

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