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basically confirms what I thought, down to Belgium being a stronghold. vegan SxE had thankfully already peaked here by the time I came up but it was still all over the place and I avoided it like the plague. tbf Vegan Reich etc hardline were well beyond the mainstream but the mainstream was plenty bad enough. even the less terrible ideological stuff was so preachy and obsessed with purity and betrayal. like a 19th century upstate NY religious revival crossed with some grim Jacobean revenge tragedy. also I was in a wholly different youth tribe, you know how that goes.

there is no more earnest group on Earth than SxE hxc kids.
Yeah, I was lobbing all Vegan SxE under the Vegan Reich label for convenience.

There were obvs vegans and some vegan/ SxE bands about but the the only ones that were good weren't identifying as that.

As John mentioned upthread, the UKHC scene was not really SxE- cultural relationship w/alcohol v. different to USA (but was vegetarian/ vegan in the main).

There endeth discussion of the dietary habits of HC kids 20 years ago