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Thread: Hardcore Continuum Autopsy

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    i dont know a thing about afrobeats. way out of my field. too old, too not african.
    i cant overstate how much the landscape has shifted since i was young.
    anything after 2004ish and I'm done as a first hand source really and truly.
    trilliam and barty grew up in a different and vastly more cosmopolitan London.
    Turks, Viets, Somalis, Eritreans, Gambians, Poles... when i grew up you were black,
    white or asian pretty much and all three groups were roughly balanced in terms of
    numbers in Newham.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrowleyHead View Post
    There were a lot of baggages for black people in the US to fully embrace House/Techno as their personal culture, based on maybe class lines? Does that exist in afrobeats?
    the punters for afrobeats are more middle-class than drill. afrobeats was/is far more of an explicit cultural signifier than drill. it's functional in that sense; to a lot of people it's consciously a source of ethnic pride or at least a deliberate expression of ethnic identity, drill's a lot more organic than that.. also the music and the listeners are aspirational where drill is nihilistic and defeatist.
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    I meant more of the people kind of exporting the music to the scene like... If you go to Ghana, is there a kind of perception of a person for listening to artists who have crossed over to the UK in any way? Like does Wizkid get you the , I wouldn't know obv.

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