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Thread: Chinese Influence & Expansion

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    Default Chinese Influence & Expansion

    Xi seems to be making a concerted effort to expand his influence, particularly given the vacuum left by Trump's isolationist rhetoric and posturing and the perceived weakness of Western democracy. Apparently the CCP are looking to export the Chinese political system around the world and are now hosting regular summits in order to groom potential allies, particularly in Africa.

    The internationalization of China’s political system is in fact well underway. Since 2014, the Communist Party has hosted an annual summit in Beijing inviting political party leaders from around the world to hear about how it governs China. In recent years, the party has also brought young African politicians to China for training, in a bid to cultivate allies.

    When asked whether China is deviating from its self-avowed policy of noninterference in other countries’ affairs, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi said yesterday (March 8) that China will “participate more proactively” in reshaping global governance and solving international crises.

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    Default this is pretty good on Chinese influence in Africa and how it works (for example, learning from the mistakes of European colonialists and presenting a better deal to the African countries from which they want to commandeer resources) - will be slightly out of date given how quickly things move

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    I remember this article on how Obama dumped the middle east in favour of China as being very good:

    The expats I talked to in Uganda said that there was a fair amount of the government playing western governments off against China - one of the issues being democracy, another being human rights.

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