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Thread: Russia Surrounded

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    IIRC correctly, the Bullogh was really good, the Thomas Glotz was funny and very readable (would also reccomend his Azerbaijan Diary and Gerogia Diary), the Vanora Bennett and Sebastian Smith were both great, the Ilyas Akhmadov and Miriam Lanskoy was very dense, the Tony Budd was brilliant, Vassily Grossman is background info but everyone should read him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by droid View Post
    This is essentially the story of US foreign policy since the Monroe doctrine
    it's been the policy of every empire ever, and will probably continue to be the policy of every empire to come

    still think it's an important distinction that the U.S. is significantly more a nation of laws than Russia

    granted there are vast oceans of hypocrisy but probably the world is slightly better off if rulers feel the need to at least pay lip service to rule of law

    not pretending the U.S./its allies adhere to their own rules but still there's a pretense, which you don't get at all w/Putin's Russia

    obv irony in talking abt election meddling but Russian elections are so rubber stamp it would be absurd to try meddling in them

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