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Thread: Cambridge Analytica + Psyops + The Beast

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    Quote Originally Posted by droid View Post
    This hit right at the end of the first Q, lets see what happens at the end of June.

    Facebook investors reeling after 20% share price tumble

    ...But Facebook’s executives then shocked investors by revealing disappointing second-quarter earnings and forecasts. Its shares tumbled as much as 24 per cent, wiping up to $140bn off the company’s value, in one of the largest after-market drops ever.

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    Zucky must be devastated. Maybe he'll buy another island to cheer himself up.
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    After watching a documentary on Mercer and his connections to Cambridge Analytica on French TV (!) I am rather convinced they actually DID score the presidency for Trump. They showed very plausibly how they operated - picked the few "battle gound" states where they were able to influence enough voters to get Trump the small lead. The true crux of the american presidential eletion seems to be the outdated mode of the electoral college. Popular vote is the way to go.

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