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    Default The modern documentary style

    Just watching an episode of the Beeb's 'Civilisations' - the content aside, it's the style I'm interested in. It's all ambient, soaring, cinematic music/muzak (I've heard an instrumental version of a Coldplay track in an arts program). It's slow motion shots, fancy filming, not really a documentation of reality as we see it. Collages of shots setting a mood. The presentation is cinematic too, in that it's bombastic, the words set off orchestral swells or glittering 4K shots.

    Comparing it to the original Civilisation in terms of style is striking. As with Life on Earth Vs Planet Earth 2, it is the images which are most important, or rather, the technology that's capturing the images. Fetishism of technology.

    I don't have anything interesting to say about it right now, but it seems like a fertile thing to interrogate. I just keep thinking 'why do they have slow motion shots of birds flying here?'
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