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...and by that I mean music which speaks to the existence of transcendent realities.

On this the 75th anniversary of Albert Hoffman discovering LSD.

Because I'm an old fart I'm of the opinion that the reason 99.99% of today's music, young people's music, does not speak to me is that it ISN'T psychedelic.

And I reckon young people too (under 30s) are aware of this gaping hollowness in their music as well. That's why so many of them (and us older people) still fixate on older music that was informed by the psychedelic experience.

I'm talking about the far out music of the 60s/70s/80s/90s.

There are the odd breakouts of insanity after 1996 but not enough to sustain everyone's interest.

Is there a properly modern psychedelic music? Is the dreaming going on in other arenas of culture?
I disagree. I think most modern music is psychedelic. 21 Savage is a good example - the space - but pretty much any hiphop now, plus all modern dance pop. It's just that the drugs have changed. Modern acid is super lite compared to Leary's dosage, modern psychedelics are different, more functional, leading to a perpetual state of psychedelic being. All music changes are just based on ingestion and the modern pill stuff (oxycontin, laced weed etc) are no less psychedelic, it's just that the states of awareness (see definition of psychedelic) have changed. See also Trump's speech patterns, etc. Everything is psychedelic nowadays. Just not in the way it used to mean.