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    Default Damo Suzuki

    I am going to try to go along to this to see the master.

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    damo on at ten pm

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    this was cool.

    damo's band was selected by a lottery from out of the audience. musicians in the audience had put their names in hats labelled "drums", "bass", "guitarists" etc.

    this could have been a disaster BUT damo has some kind of life-force. ENERGY! i believe that he carries round him some kind of expectation of other people's behaviour. therefore the randomly picked band members (with the exception of the saxophonist who wouldn't stop blowing) filled in the gaps around him alloted in this schema. and it actually sounded pretty great!

    illuminating because this must have been what happened in some part with CAN. ok, so holger was a MASTER - and in truth was probably THEE guiding force behind CAN - but barring him none of the rest of the band made good records solo. and as a band they only made good records when damo was there.

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    ok more on damo suzuki

    head here and read this piece on irmini schmidt

    nice piece actually

    BUT irmin says right at the end (ie in conclusion)

    “Like in physics,” he says. “Different parts, when they come together, it creates something new. And that’s what Can is. It’s not the sum of us four – it’s something new.”

    Respect to Irmin of course - but it wasn't just "four" people was it? In fact CAN was great, I mean really really great, when Damo was singing. and that wasn't a coincidence surely?

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    ok - this is CAN without damo. nice(ish) tune and all! but i think it makes the point pretty clearly

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