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Thread: "Hollow Trees", unreleased project.

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    Default "Hollow Trees", unreleased project.

    Hey guys,

    I'm completely new to the forum, I have no idea if this is the right thread, but I wanted to find a place with some music enthusiasts to share a project I was working on up until now, that I decided to make public, since I can't work on it anymore.

    For the past few years I've been writing an album - I'm a pianist and an absolutely rubbish singer with a vocal range of a dying hyena. Yet, i decided to do the vocals, since the project felt too personal to "give" these words to anyone else, and i wrote the lyrics in a rather enigmatic manner, keeping in mind i've been working with poetry way longer than I worked with music. I was lucky enough to find an amazing music producer who was into electronic music, even though I'm more of an old-school 90s piano rock fan (Tori Amos, Bush, some weird French Stuff, Diamanda Galas etc.). The project was going great, came out there is place for my self-taught piano weirdness, for his electronic beats, there was space for my love towards middle eastern/indian tunes, folk instruments (er-hu, which I play) and so on.

    I called the project "Hollow Trees". Songs just came. I never wrote anything. I never practiced anything. There was a concept, an idea. Once a month or two, when I was awake in the middle of the night, smoking a cigarette in the back of my house, or doing laundry, drawing - I'd hear a word, a sound, a melody. And i'd rush to the piano, write it down and capture an idea. And as the time went by, an entire album was completed, and for some reason it followed a story that i didn't really question. There was someone travelling through a burned down Forest, where hollow trees began to grow. And that person was filled with Hope for the forest to come back to life.

    Few weeks ago I had to stop visiting my producer. Money issues. The project will, most probably, die. And i'm not here to beg for support, don't get me wrong. Happens. I just thought that maybe, just maybe, whatever is left from this concept deserves to be heard and find its place. So, i'm leaving it up to you. You can find me on instagram at @szopa_ , on facebook at Szopa. and find the "leftovers" of my dream under the link below. Enjoy it guys.

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