LOL. I did nearly run as a local councillor once.

I think there is an interesting discussion to be had about what sort of conversation different platforms create.

The perceived need to return to forums is doomed I think because people can't escape from the social media mindset. On that new music forum there isn't very much actual discussion - it's mainly just people posting up links to soundcloud or youtube like they would on facebook.

Social media has basically forced this "post a thing" -> "like that thing" mentality onto other platforms because it is so omnipresent now. If you set up something new, that's what you're gonna get.

You can maybe resist it with longstanding forums (I hope so!). Somewhere else I post has also declined since a lot of people have left to go on social media and some of the newbies just think they can post up any ill-thought out shite and get confused when people call them on it and ask them to defend their positions.