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Thread: 1990s hypes revisited - loose series installmant 01 - "Easy Listening"

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    Quote Originally Posted by firefinga View Post
    I also remember a deluge of compilation albums of tv themes or cheesy and/or obscure 60s and 70s movie scores were thrown onto the market around '95, '96.

    I actually still quite like that stuff. Cheesy or not.

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    Industrial bods were doing the groundwork for nu-EZ years ahead of the 90s revivers

    Gen P was going on about Les Baxter et al back in the early 80s

    Well, RE/Search started as an industrial-culture magazine didn't it, before it got into the whole Mondo / Incredibly Strange Films / kitsch-music-salvage thing

    Boyd Rice is another who has ironic love of kitsch - in his case, blander than bland Fifties-Sixties female pop which he compiled for the release Music For Pussycats. (One fears there's also an Aryan-womanhood subtext there as well)

    Rice also put out an album with the title Music, Martinis and Misanthropy - featuring "restructurings" of songs by The Carpenters and Rod McKuen alongside lyrics with brutal Social Darwinist themes

    You could probably file William Bennett of Whitehouse's love of Italodisco in this area

    It's the same syndrome - the hardest-core realising that softness / sweetness is another kind of extreme

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    I think with Rice it was just stuff he grew up with too? Or stuff that was hanging around in thrift stores.

    You are right about that girl group comp, it’s pretty awful compared to the more well known stuff.

    It’s weirdly monochrome still, all this industrial kitsch. “I’m not one dimensional - I like serial killers AND lounge music!”

    In terms of 90s hypes RE/SEARCH’s “Modern Primitives” also massively amplified piercings and especially those thick black tribal tattoos.

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