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    Exactly - you can't talk about building for the future when you lost a world cup semi to Croatia. Germany 2006-2010 and France 2016 both beat top tier teams, and Germany lost to two extraordinary teams. For all the noise, England still haven't beaten a top team at a big tournament...since 2002, arguably.....and even then not in a knockout round. Even Wales did that in 2016. In fact, when was the last time England did that outside of penalties...1990 vs Belgium and then Cameroon? It's by some distance the worst record of a major nation, and there's no arguing against that.

    I like the team and I like Southgate, but they choked.

    And the point that's bound to be made over the next few days...very few of this England team know what it's like to win, due to the way the Premier League is constructed - Sterling, Stones and Walker only started winning this season, and Ashley Young has some experience....but that's kind of it. Croatia had more players with big match winning experience, which is a bit crazy.
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