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    One of the Greensleeves Scientist vinyl reissues (poss. World Cup) even had the Compact Disc brand logo on the cover, which pretty much indicates the source material. Incredible nobody at the label spotted it before it got pressed, or maybe they couldn't be arsed to change it.

    Also, Island has somehow fucked up LKJ's digital material - it's about half the volume of the average release.

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    Quote Originally Posted by martin View Post
    One of the Greensleeves Scientist vinyl reissues (poss. World Cup) even had the Compact Disc brand logo on the cover, which pretty much indicates the source material. Incredible nobody at the label spotted it before it got pressed, or maybe they couldn't be arsed to change it.
    lol. but it's entirely standard!!!

    though i suppose equally often vinyl mastering engineers will take 192/24 digital audio and master from a digital file. that stands a chance of sounding ok. but, yep, always digital files since (probably) the early nineties.

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    I expect it's fairly easy to tell apart a $25 and a $250 CD player by ear, but to tell apart the latter from once costing 100 times as much, A) how much do you have to spend on the amp and speakers, and B) just how good do your ears have to be? I'm reminded of those expensive 'super audio' CDs that you used to see in music shops, always of very well established, multi-platinum classics like Ziggy Stardust or Nevermind or Bad or whatever - well, I say 'expensive', they probably went for about what you'd pay for a good quality new vinyl LP these days. But how many people had the audio equipment at home to notice the difference, and also the actual auditory sensitivity to appreciate it?

    I mean, in principle you could create a digital audio format with arbitrary bit depth and sampling rate, but beyond a certain point no human being is going to be able to tell the difference with each increasing step of resolution.
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    I remember this monster from ads back in my teenage years.

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    If ever an album was meant for 16-bit/44.1khz it was MBV's Loveless, starting with the over-quantized snares thwacking off the plastic, three seconds after you slide it in. I thought the point was that you could almost hear the bits - a graph-paper version of lushness. Anti-nostalgic rock for the Akai era. And yet:

    Quote Originally Posted by My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields Dissects His New Loveless Vinyl Remaster, Talks New Album
    That was part of Shields’ task for the new vinyl reissue—to create an analog master that didn’t have a single digital stage. But it was only one part. From there, Shields had to find a disc-cutting apparatus that didn’t have a digital process, a rarity in the current landscape.
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    It seems like CDs have been making a big resurgence too because as has been said the cheap second hand prices, even compared to digital downloads which seems ridiculous considering the extra value of liners etc you get.

    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew View Post
    HOWEVER part of this inflated price is specific to markets. in the *audiophile* (audiofool) market people are conned into paying much higher prices. the same, equivalent or even better DACs are available for PCs/Macs made by the *recording* market. the trick is to buy in the recording market. simpler still to just play off a PC with a DAC.
    +1 on this.. additionally I'd urge anyone considering spending big bucks on audio equipment to do proper A/B testing before any purchase, if you don't pass it your wasting your money. I'd wager a huge amount people who would call themselves audiophiles would fail a test between a 320kbps and a lossless format, even 320 - 192, very experienced professionals can have difficulty with 320 to lossless and the differences in a half decent DAC to a very high end one are much more subtle imo.

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    Late to the party, but I have to call out the need to acquire 25K CD player in order to 'hear all the bits'.

    This is demonstrably wrong, take a good quality CD drive in a computer (and by good quality we are talking less than 100) and you can accurately rip an audio CD bit-for-bit to a WAV file, and then verify this against the accuraterip database. Try it yourself with a program like XLD.

    So what are you getting in a 25k CD player? You are getting an accurate jitter-free data feed, very high quality transport and output components, and a high end DAC. That's about 10% of the cost, the other 90% is the audiophile koolaid.

    Any modern dedicated CD player around 1k is going to give you everything you need to extract the digital data from your CD. You might want to add a better DAC to it, but for anyone in their 40's, your hearing isn't going to notice the difference.

    Instead, spend all your money on the amplifier and the speakers... this is where you are going to notice a difference for your money.

    But this then leads on to the next logical question; if you can reliably and easily extract the original WAV file from a CD, why bother with the CD any more?

    Invest in good network storage (you can get 6TB drives for pocket money these days), ensure you have RAID backups, maybe offsite backup in case your house burns down. Get some good streaming software like Roon that ensures you have an accurate bit-perfect feed from storage to output device. Run that into the best DAC you can afford, and away you go. CD-quality output every time, without the need to maintain those flimsy silver discs.

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