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does a cd player really cost 25,000 Matt? that's quite dear.
to get a CD player with an equivalent audio quality to a very standard record player you have to play ALOT of money. at least 5k and upwards. 25k isn't outlandish.

with record players they nailed the technology in the late seventies. it's like any old tech, or for that matter medicine out of patent, they can't charge big money for it any more.

most CD players are shit BUT encoded on the CD itself the sound quality is there. even though people will criticise red book cds.

it's all about the Digital to Audio convertors, the transport mechanism etc.

HOWEVER part of this inflated price is specific to markets. in the *audiophile* (audiofool) market people are conned into paying much higher prices. the same, equivalent or even better DACs are available for PCs/Macs made by the *recording* market. the trick is to buy in the recording market. simpler still to just play off a PC with a DAC.