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I'm very into Alexander Technique. From what I understand, there are a number of rival schools - I go to a group that's teaching principles from the ITM (International Teaching Method) which was set up a guy called Don Weed. They seem to me to be very close to what Alexander originally taught and make great use of his books. Don writes somewhere that he found pupils who had studied the texts progressed quicker than those who actually had hands on work. It's a really deep discipline - there's nothing quite like it - it's the only thing that puts me into a similar space as to do Reichian bodywork.
i did it for a while - and it was good as far as it went. alexander is an interesting guy. interesting to hear your view on that danny.

[for those people apart from danny who don't know] he worked up his theories because he used to be a professional gambler at the race courses and he learnt to figure out, by way of their posture, which horses were going to win the race. people started to realise he was on to something - he always won - so he became a tipster/pundit in that field - before realising the same ideas could be applicable to people.

from what i understood of it - cranial osteopathy (another one i've experienced - therapy whore innit) works from a similar position of physical "rectitude" and reverse mapping that onto psychological states. there's a big dose of traditional chinese medicine in that too i suspect (which is absent in alexander therapy)