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Thread: The Best Rockumentaries

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    I can hear Simon Price there saying, "a year later everyone was dressing like that."

    Yeah those bands were a dreadful cog in the chain that ended in Blur vs Oasis. Destroyed the British musical 90s.

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    In retrospect, and it didn't feel like that at the time I guess, not that I gave a shit, this lot with guitars were no better than the rump shoegazers.

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    I thought the BBC Krautrock one (offshoot of the Britannias) was really good.

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    Scott Walker - 30th Century Man I enjoyed thoroughly, but strictly for fans only I think

    There have been a few great music docs on BBC recently that I found randomly looking for sth to watch on iplayer (following from Nomos's Krautrock rec) - one about Jazzie B and Soul II Soul that I thought was brilliantly executed and passed the acid test - engrossing for those who only have a passing interest in the subject

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