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Thread: Jacob Rees-Mogg

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    Quote Originally Posted by vimothy View Post
    it seems a bit too convenient if the way influence works is that my ideological opponents are being manipulated and taken advantage of, whereas I am free from influence.

    and that conception happens on all sides. i suppose that's what the alt-right media have furiously been trying to establish - that supposedly no-one is immune to media influence (even if that seems to me like the sort of thing people with massive emotional investment in the media data-stream believe - plenty of people aren't THAT interested)

    the left argue they're the eternal losers. and the stats today [generally] support the idea of the top echelons of society having an *unseemly* disproportionate amount of resources. difficult, pointless even, to argue with that in 2018...

    but there are always cross-currents between big state (by which i meant authority) and little state (by which i meant self-determination). no working government is able to be one or the other - even the USA where, truthfully, democrats are closer to tories.

    etcetera ad infinitum.

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    the left argue they're the eternal losers
    in theory the whole point of the left is to fight for the losers, the oppressed and the exploited.
    to use weight of numbers to push back against wealth, power and influence lol

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    "Thanks" for that. Jesus wept.

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    Quote Originally Posted by droid View Post
    Even I didnt realise it was quite so bad.
    the role of private pensions apparently brings the UK up to an average level, making this basically a massive 'optional' tax - pay up or live in aged poverty.

    I'd never really thought about the fact that private pensions aren't such a central consideration in many countries. Presumably in Ireland they still are, given that it doesn't shine in that league table either?
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