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Thread: play craner new rap music

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    the situation is stark- you are trying with all your might to guard against any intrusion of the new and unfamiliar in favour of repeating the exact same stimuli you first encountered at 15. something got stuck at that point. a fixation crystallised. how do we excise it? this psychic-emotional kidney stone?

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    How could you break up the Beatles?

    Tbh I just love the visual aesthetics (he shoots and styles his own shit)

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    Craner,my dude if intensity and ruminations on the apocalypse are your thing you might aswell just listen to Elucid

    man even says hes "black herman in a fuge state" on this

    the apocalypse is overrated these days anyway its just become the space and safe haven for people who got all their ideas of what the end of all things would be like from a steady diet of JRPGs and obsessing over Neon Genesis Evangelion.

    chances are your harbinger for the end of the world rocks a vocaloid shirt and thinks Mad Max 2 was all about the motorcycles

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    Go on then Grandad!

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