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Thread: teenage-idiot-energy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agent Nucleus View Post
    The problem, if it is a problem, is that teenage idiot energy migrated from music (specifically punk and metal) to violent multiplayer gaming, idiot online trolling, and you could argue mass shootings, spree killings, etc. Energy and power is always mutating, migrating, and changing forms. When teen angst and the self-destructive impulse were relegated to punk thrashing and mosh pits, you had real catharsis. And I think that's important. Young males especially need an outlet for that hate and aggression that's biologically hardwired in all of us, otherwise it simmers and boils over into war, or misguided revolution. It worries me that the only outlets for idiot teenage energy are entirely virtual, and in no way cathartic.
    Totally spot on, and I'd like to exceed: a lot of the functions pop music in general had have migrated to smartphones + social media. Whether you like that or not. What I have gathered, teenagers (and early twens) are less interersted in (pop) music than my generation (a teenager in the 1990s) in general. Not lamenting, just stating facts.
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