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    I like him. He gets in there with the weirdest of the weird, gradually disarms them and breaks through in a way few can. The recent thing on polyamory was awkward to say the least and he just kept probing without ever coming off as aggressive or unpleasant and they continued to answer and engage. It's an art really.

    Love Without Limits -

    In Love Without Limits, Louis travels to Portland, Oregon, the heart of a movement seeking to rewrite the rulebook on how we conduct intimate relationships and experience family life.

    Portland, whose city motto is 'Keep Portland Weird', is seen as the US capital of polyamory and ethical non-monogamy, the practice of openly and transparently having multiple relationships that go further than just sex.

    Louis embeds himself with families who have made the bold decision to open up their relationships in a number of different ways, whether inviting others into existing relationships or allowing partners to seek romance elsewhere. He discovers that for many, more partners means more love and more happiness. But for others, multiple relationships have led to jealousy, upset and broken hearts.

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