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Thread: Explain Electro To A Sweet Boy

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    Here's a rip of that Pulse FM set if anyone wants it -

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    some og electro bods were involved in hardcore and gabba as well. his one on dexorcist's hybrid label. electro gabba acid i guess.

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    "Thereís always the impossible to shake off feeling that certain rare records correlate to certain rare modes of consciousness. That music is a map of consciousness in its various states. And exploring the edges of music is somehow skin to exploring the edges of consciousness. To stop exploring music is to stop exploring existence. A way of closing the net curtains. Books too, to find the book which forces you to expand the brain box, like a snake dislocating it jaw to swallow a large animal. Anything else is closing the net curtains, or pressing the same pleasure button for the same predictable stimulus. Compulsive behaviour in other words, dull routine, insidious habit.
    Habit change is a magical operation. It gives you more control over your own behaviour. Less compulsion, more choice."

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