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Thread: Roc Marciano Is An Abomination

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    Corpse for all my snark on you, you're GENUINELY more of a delight.

    Also yeah this is my problem with this formula becoming popular. In the hands of older men like Marciano & Ka who are of that generation, it makes perfect sense. When you have these younger acts like the Conway, Westside Gunn & Benny! acts coming around who aren't even 30, it baffles me how anyone can appreciate it. It's like watching someone your age dress up as his father and think because he can talk and dress like an older man he can suddenly lecture you. The formula should be recognized that the gravitas it tries to communicate is limited to a specific experience but no such luck.

    @luke; The influence of Prodigy is there but you're mistaking a lack of charisma for a different direction. Prodigy is always increasingly internal and introverting whereas Marciano uses that voice in a extroverted way. Its weathered and hushed but knowing how that vibe can be seductive in its insularity.

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    I would also add that Gunn and the rest have this idea that what theyre making is on par with the greats of the 90s when really theyre more like the 2nd stringers of that era your Royal Flushes,Cella Dwellas and Ill Al Skratches of the world

    thats why of that lot Hommy sticks out cause its clear to me anyway hes operating on a different vibe to the others the pockets he raps in arent as direct as Conway sure he might adress the same topics but the way he gets to it is layered with injokes words in different languages and these specific turn of phrases also theres the singing which i feel is an acknowledgement on the fact that Max B has a mark on that sound so theres an acknowledgement of the stuff going on in the 2000s

    Ka is insular but as hes gone on its less Prodigy and more that kind of intense self control like say Rakim or Guru

    luke if you want to make this discussion entertaining for yourself imagine that Crowly is Roc Marci and im Ka

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